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48 years since the original release,

Pink Floyd's 7th album 'Dark Side Of The Moon' may be an obvious cliche, however it is an iconic album and remains our best seller and most requested Vinyl LP

We only have a few for sale, as they are of course, in DV style, used originals




It may also be of interest for you to know that Pink Floyd are showing previous concerts free on their official YouTube channel over the coming weeks. 'Pulse' the live concert is available and we highly recommend watching it!

Click Here

(opens YouTube Pink Floyd Channel)



In this issue 

  • Featured album Pink Floyd 'Dark Side Of The Moon' 
  • Pink Floyd releasing live concerts on their YouTube channel 
  • Welcome to DV LIFE - Newsletter introduction 
  • Customer Top 5 artists to buy on vinyl 
  • More featured products
    • Beatles Book & other Books 
    • Bob Marley Vinyl - NEW 'Kaya' Double LP 40th anniversary
  • Who are Desirable Vinyl? 
  • Quick look at our store 



Welcome to DV LIFE

Desirable Vinyl’s subscribed newsletter

An introduction from Jason, owner of Desirable Vinyl 

I am excited to say, this is our 1st newsletter. As the owner of DV, I have been wanting to provide something like this for a few years now to customers and anyone generally interested in not just buying records, but to see what is involved in running an independent record store. 

Many customers tell me that this is their dream job, so when times are tough, which they often are in a business like this, I remind myself of this and also why I opened this business. Simple… The music and meeting like-minded people.
Music makes the world a happy and bright place. There is nowhere on this planet where music is not a huge part of culture and heritage and still has a positive impact in the world we live in. There is music to suit everyone and more of it to discover than you can listen to in a lifetime. 
It may not seem a rock n roll lifestyle to many and I won't lie, most of the time is spent checking, cleaning, cataloguing stock, but among the poor to average collections that are frequently offered, now and again records appear that are not necessarily valuable in terms of money, but in terms of musical or artist interest or rarity, this is when the sifting through 10,000s of albums and singles is fun again and engaging!
So when I look back over the past 9 years, there is huge variety in my working day (and often nights!) and I will be sharing highlights over time, I will try and keep it engaging! 

At this point I will briefly mention the current Coronavirus situation. I do hope you and your families remain well. It is certainly a testing time for us all personally and affecting our work and income. 
So the intention with this newsletter, is not to ignore the situation we are facing, but to hopefully provide a positive distraction. We do follow the guidelines, so please stay indoors for now until you need to go out. This does mean our record store is closed until further notice. 
You can but online and the links you need for our website and for daily updates and entertainment through our main social media outlets are at the top and bottom of this newsletter. 

The intention is to release a newsletter between 1 to 2 monthly basis with varying content, including such topics as; Top 10 customer albums, 7" rarities, Music documentary suggestions, Customer want list and of course some featured items for sale. 

When this crisis is over, we would love to see those of you who have not yet been to see us and we look forward to moving forward again. Stay well and thanks for subscribing. 



Top 5 Store Artists

For a little fun, here we have a store run down of the top 5 most asked for combined with the most sold artists or bands in our store. While we sell 1000s of 7" singles a year, there is an easier pattern when it comes to albums. It is interesting that most buyers of singles buy the widest variety of artists and often in a single purchase one customer can go for 50s to 90s and most genres from easy listening and comedy to punk, rock and pop! There are 2 singles though you will see in the list below that sell quickly every time we have copies. 


Number 5 - Simple Minds 

Popular albums; 
Once Upon A Time - 1985 
Live In The City Of Light - 1987 
Sparkle In The Rain - 1984 


Number 4 - The Stranglers 

Popular records; 
The Raven - LP 1979 
Peaches - Single 1977 
No More Heroes - 1977 
Rattus Norvegicus - 1977 Debut LP


Number 3 - Bruce Springsteen 

Popular albums; 
Live 1975 to 1985 - 5 LP Box Set 
Born In The USA 
The River 
Born To Run 


Number 2 - Pink Floyd 

Popular albums; 
The Wall - 1979 
Piper At The Gates Of Dawn - 1967
Dark Side Of The Moon - 1973 
Wish You Were Here - 1975 


At the Number 1 spot
The Rolling Stones 

Popular records; 
Paint It Black - 1966 Single 
The Rolling Stones - 1964 Debut LP 
Some Girls - 1978 
Sticky Fingers - 1971



Other featured products... 



Yes we sell band and musician related books. This is amazing listing every song with it's history, credits, release information.


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This NEW double LP contains a high quality 180g heavy repress of the original Kaya album, plus a 2nd album of Kaya remixed with a little subtle trickery by Marley's son Stephen Put this one, lay back and chill




A little about us, who are DV? 

Formed in 2011 with the simple aims of providing the best vinyl record buying service, we are a truly independent record store. We know vinyl is not the chosen media for the masses, it is a niche market for a small percentage, we would be fooling ourselves to believe otherwise. However what we do know, is that vinyl has never lost its potency to bring out emotion in people due to the whole package of a vinyl record; it's size, the clear and often creative artwork, the definite sound of a vinyl record, the smell and experience of actually sitting down and properly taking time out to listen to a song or songs.

We provide mainly used vinyl records to music fans, collectors and let’s face it, vinyl junkies! It goes deeper than selling records, coming to our store is an experience and we constantly update and modify the store, always with the intention of providing a natural ‘ambience’. 
Thankfully record stores are no longer as rare as they have been in recent years and we welcome this renewed interest, for some it never went away! 

In 2018 Jason partnered with John Fisher, owner of Recent & Rare Records (est 1991). Sadly John passed away in early 2019, however his legacy remains and DV is in the process of buying the business from his son Lee.  

Other people do come and go within our business and we have several people who help when needed and became part of DV because of a mutual love of music. With Jason permanently ‘at the helm’ so to speak, navigating this small business, you will find a music lover always ready to chat and learn about music.


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Thank you for reading this newsletter. 

It is intentionally short without dozens of product offers that you seem to get with all other 'subscribed' sales based retailers. We plan to expand this content to include articles in each edition, with the intention of covering; music, vinyl and related topics

We want your feedback to include what you want to read

So please do contact us through any of the numerous channels you can get in touch with us by; email, phone, FaceBook, our Website, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram! 



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