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Denim Jackets



You have found something special here we think. 

Unique one-off fabric designs, we currently create denim jackets, either free-form artwork, as seen on this website,

or made to order if you want to commission us to produce something even more unique to your style and desire.

Select 'Denim Jackets' or 'AJones.Handmade' on our shop page and have a look, or click HERE to go straight there


All products are re-used and up-cycled.

Cleaned and prepped before painting, I use non-toxic washable fabric paint on my garments.

While you can standard wash these garments, to ensure longest life I recommend that items

are dry cleaned to prolong the vivid life and appearance of the artwork.

Being eco-friendly and saving our planet is important to us and as many recycled and vegan

friendly products are used where possible and when available. 

Contact us using the buttons on this page or find us on Instagram @ajones.handmade

Desirable Vinyl are very pleased to introduce custom textiles artist Amy Jones. 

Amy provides up-cycled fabric clothing, currently denim jackets, with one-off handpainted artwork. 

These designs are unique and special, for sale in our store based in Evesham and here online. 

You will not find jackets like this in your high street clothes store. 

How to shop

To shop for items from AJones.Handmade, go to the main shopping page HERE

In the pull-down box on the top left side of the shop select 'Denim Jackets'

What you want to select in the main menu is highlighted below for reference... 

Jacket Sizing

Please use the charts below to establish whether the jacket you see will fit