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Desirable Vinyl - Used Vinyl Record Trader


We have partnered with Recent & Rare Records with our store in Evesham, Worcestershire. Come and see us for a listen and a chat!


Our aim is simply to offer competitively priced records backed by a premium service


To offer a single source of buying and selling records across all genres to suit any budget


We love music and feel vinyl is the best media to listen and enjoy it


As a generally forgotten media we want to keep vinyl alive. The experience of owning vinyl is unique and many people are still avid listeners to and collectors of vinyl, come and join the revival against downloads!


DV exists because it is hard to find a single source buying and selling vinyl and dealing with any record of any genre, whether collectable or not, now it’s easy at desirablevinyl.co.uk





Owner of Desirable Vinyl


Record Store Address

Suite 3, King Charles Court, Vine Street, Evesham, Worcs, WR11 4RF

What you get from us


  • True descriptions of record & cover, nothing hidden or exaggerated as we want customers to return to us


  • Honest and affordable valuations, we need to make a living but we want to sell the records too!


  • Constantly changing stock covering all genres & sub-genres including;

Musicals, 50s through to 90s Pop, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Comedy, Big Band, Punk & post-Punk, Avant Garde, Folk, New Wave, Movie Soundtracks, Country, Singer/Songwriters


  • Are you looking for specific records? Don’t see it in stock? Contact us & we’ll try to locate it within your budget


  • We want to buy from you - You will not get top prices as we need to check, clean, catalogue, store & sell them, however we will come to you or send you packaging & pay postage depending on quantity and location.

You may not get much but selling yourself is time consuming

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